Food items you can use even after expiry dates

Renowned chef Ido Fishman has been a part of the food industry for a long and when it comes to disposing of food in the name of expiry or best before, he disagrees with the other companies.

Some of the food items which can be used even after the expiry dates, according to him are given below:

food you can use after expiration


According to Ido Fishman, honey cannot expire or turn stale. Honey may change color or form but never expire. The change of color or form doesn’t affect its edibility.

And if it crystallizes, then put the container in a hot water bowl and it will come to its original form.

 Pudding cups

Food companies add an expiry date to pudding caps. Though not edible, they are used in the procedure.

If you keep the cups safe and clean, you can use them even after their best before or expiry date.

Canned food

Canned food is quite common nowadays and they all come with expiry dates of two to three years.

However, the truth is that they remain unspoiled even after 3-4 years of their expiry date if the product is kept in a cold and dry location.

Hard cheese and bread

People dispose of bread and cheese as soon as they see mold. But, with hard cheeses like Cheddar and Parmesan, you can consume them even after a one-month expiry date.

Just remove the affected part and use the remaining.

Why take the chance?

You may be confused about why should you do this? According to Ido Fishman, food-producing companies rip customers off by misleading them.

On a daily basis, billions of dollars of food items are thrown in the name of expiry and best before.

You can stop this wastage by paying attention to consumption and expense.

Ido Fishman wants people to know if they need that much food to store or not and create more awareness.