Fixed Frame Of Mind And Self Esteem

Self-esteem is the mind frame about how you feel about yourself and your life. Irrespective of how and why, it is entirely an attitude of yours, a somewhat fixed mind frame.

People with high self-esteem are to have a positive and confident frame of mind towards life while people with low carry a negative mind frame and look upon themselves as weak and incompetent. However, you do have reasons for low self-esteem and they are quite diverse.


Some people possess a poor body image while others feel shy socially and some think that nature is stacked against them. A deep study reveals that relationship and sex play a significant role in your self-esteem and it can also be linked to worldly affairs, family and work matters and financial condition. It is your perception towards these aspects and how you relate to them which actually showcases your self-esteem level.

It is how you see yourself in relation with these pointers which depicts the level of your self esteem.

Yes, I know the first thing which the readers will say is that frame of mind is brought out the real world situations. If the present condition was different my self-esteem would be greater. Well, you can sure look it that way but it is a somewhat limited view and doesn’t render a sufficient solution. You do need to change the world to raise your self-esteem and if you’re low on it, you hold a very low chance of bringing a change to the world.

All your life, you’ve been told that getting overweight is bad, you are overweight now and surely it has impacted your mind frame.

You know there are lesser chances of exciting and successful career and this is why you have low self-confidence. Basically, you notice something bad about your life and you see it bad and poor and your self-esteem takes a fall. But HOLD ON!

There are other people like you facing similar situation, but they do have a poor self-image of themselves. You need to see what is actually behind your low self-esteem and then sort it out to get fully out of it.