Finger Pulse Oximeter – Advantages & Limitations

Oximeter is a medical device which helps in finding out the level of oxygen saturation in a person’s body. With the help of the traditional oximeter finding out the oxygen saturation is very difficult and it also consumes much time.

Thus, in case of emergency conditions using the traditional oximeter is of no use. But presently, the oximeter came in a compact tiny model which is very easy to operate and the time to get the oxygen saturation result is also highly rapid.

The oximeter, which we are using widely, is the finger pulse oximeter. It is also termed with different names like pulse ox, fingertip oximeter, pulse fingertip oximeter, etc. The major advantages of the finger pulse oximeter are,

  • There are highly portable, weighs just a couple of ounces only. They are so tiny and compact, thus you can carry the finger pulse oximeter in your shirt pocket itself.
  • The finger pulse oximeter displays the oxygen saturation as well as the heart rate of the person in beats per minute. The same only you will obtain in the big size table top oximeter. At the same time, the results obtained in both the traditional as well as portable oximeter machines will always be accurate and same only.
  • The other major advantage of the finger pulse oximeter is that it is compatible for all age groups. Thus, it is used in both pediatric and adult patients to check the oxygen saturation and heart rate.
  • The reading obtained in the finger pulse oximeter is fast, accurate and instant.
  • The major limitations of the finger pulse oximeter are that it has no alarm facility to alert the attendant who is handling the equipment and the memory storage is also very minimal that a maximum of 20 readings only can be stored.