Why is FinexArena Considered a Great Trading Broker?

If you are going to be a part of online trading industry, then you should first focus on selecting a good broker.

The broker you choose should offer advantages like great trading platform, several trading assets, high customer satisfaction and more.


But it is difficult to find a broker offering all these services together. FinexArena is an online broker that offers excellent services to new and old traders.

Take a look at some of the features it offers and decide by yourself:

Several trading platforms

Trading platform is the first thing to check when shortlisting brokers. You will spend all your time with this platform. FinexArena has MetaTrader4 as its trading platform.

It uses four versions of MetaTrader4. The web trading platform allows access to your computer and laptops.

The downloadable app for Android allows you to access on your Android devices while the Apple app is for iOS devices.


FinexArena provides leverage from 1 to 1000. It means for every $1 in your account, you get $1000 to trade.

Leverage helps in increasing your profits, even when you are low on budget. However, the leverage depends on the account type you have chosen to fund with the broker.

Brilliant customer support

The customer support of FinexArena is known to be of top-notch. It offers 24 hours customer care for 5 working days.

The staff is friendly and extremely professional to answer all your queries and issues. You can get in touch with a customer care via email, call or online chat.


FinexArena makes use of encryption layers to ensure that your details and funds are secure. It uses a multi-player authentication system for enhanced safety.

It allows the usage of VPS hosting services to safeguard trading rules and lower the risks of losing funds to prying hands.

Account types

FinexArena offers you accounts as per your requirement and preference.

The three account types available are silver account with 20% bonus offer, gold account with 50% bonus offer and platinum account with 100% bonus offer. The special diamond account comes with 125% bonus offer.

So, if you are looking for a reliable and supportive broker, then FinexArena is the broker for you. It offers you with plethora of services and facilities.