Find Success With Multiple Income Sources

The reason that many of us choose jobs over doing business is because the former offers more stability. In a business there are countless risks involved and the returns vary from time to time. However, soon after we land our first job, it is disheartening to see the low wages and the unstable conditions.


Most people who complete their higher education in America dream of getting a handsome job and leading a stress-free life. In reality, the condition is quite different and your job is just the beginning of your struggle. Even after working multiple jobs we ask ourselves if this is all that life has to offer us.

With jobs becoming more & more uncertain and even big firms closing down at the blink of an eye, it really pays to have an alternative income source which helps up to realize our dreams & goals. However, professionals like Brian Dougherty firmly believes it is the right mentoring that can truly bring out your hidden potential and help you accomplish more in your life.

Brian has had a first-hand experience of being unsatisfied with his single-income source job early in his life and turned his life around by dedicating himself to multiple professions.  He believes that in individual’s success is hidden in their daily routine and coaches individuals on leadership & entrepreneurship with the help of his firm Dougherty Marketing. Through this firm, Brian & his partner Jenny, individually help people realise their dreams & goals in life. Dougherty Marketing came into existence in 2001 and has ever since helped thousands of individuals to become financially more secure and have a secondary source of income without disrupting their schedule.

Brian Dougherty, though his firm has coached many people in developing their leadership skills and not only create additional time and earnings for themselves. It also provides its clients with the necessary training, skill set development and flexibility to achieve their financial goals, without affecting their timeline & lifestyle.

Every individual in their life wants to achieve greatness and live a life without compromise. But to achieve that goal, one needs the right mentoring and right set of skills. Coupled with hard work, these skills help a person realize their dreams. Dougherty Marketing helps make peoples’ dreams come true by developing their personality and showing them how to increase their income. Client testimonials suggest that many people have been able to drop their 2nd jobs & build their own business, thus offering them some lucrative career choices without any compromise.

Today, Brian and his firm offer training & mentorship not only locally but also to various other locations across the United States including Virginia, Illinois and New York. Their sound leadership skills have not only helped people progress not only inside but also in their respective careers. Thus people associated with this firm have not only found a secondary source of income but also improving their lives in the process. Therefore, it has touched many lives, improving them and teaching them the true meaning of success.