How To Choose The Right Financial Advisor?

Finding a financial advisor is not a hard thing to do. The problem lies in finding the perfect advisor for your personal financial needs.

Picking things out like brands for hair products is easy because we are familiar with our hair.

However, when it comes to things like deciphering the kind of financial advisor to use it will require knowing things about money that most of us do not even comprehend.


This is where companies like Hennion and Walsh’s can help because they have worked hard to become a premier provider of investment services for individual investors.

When To Get An Advisor

Obviously, everyone is not in the right position to hire a financial advisor.

If you are barely paying your bills and living paycheck to paycheck, you might have a hard time finding an advisor that is worth working with.

Generally, the best time to start looking for a financial advisor is when you are at a point where you have a steady income coming in and have the ability to save around 20 percent or more of your annual income.

However, even if you aren’t quite at that point yet, you could still benefit from having an advisor help you with your money.

If anything, the advisor may be able to assist you in getting to the point where you are ready to invest.

What Kind Of Advisor To Hire

There are many types of advisors to choose from. You may be able to hire an attorney, insurance agent, financial planner or accountant in Jerusalem. Each will be able to give you great advice concerning your financials.

If you are new to the arena of investors, you won’t need them all. Many people simply start with a financial planner and then go from there.

Suitability or Fiduciary

In the financial industry, there are two different sets of compliance rules that advisors are required to follow. They are referred to as the suitability standard and the fiduciary standard.

The suitability standard only legally requires advisors to make certain that your investments are suitable to you and your needs. However, they might not always be in your best interest.

These types of advisors work on commission and are paid a certain percentage of the money that you invest.

When following the fiduciary standard, the advisors are legally required to give you good advice when it comes to investing.

These advisors are paid through fees. You will pay them a percentage of the assets in which they are managing for you each quarter.

With all the types of financial advisors to choose from, it can be a hard decision to make. Choosing a professional that you can trust and who will meet all of your needs can be a little confusing.

Before you hire an advisor, get to know them, ask them questions and even be a bit cautious.

For instance if you are hiring an accountant you can ask about their procedures, the accounting software they use, their terms and conditions, etc.

In order to find a good advisor, it helps to search around and consider a few before making your final choice.