Features of mobizen android mirroring app

Mobizen is way apart from all other apps available in the market. The app comes with android mirroring feature that allows you to operate all your files and apps stored in your mobile phone via personal computers and laptops.

Mobizen is somewhat different from bluestacks which allows you to access your mobile applications indirectly over your laptop. Mobizen lets you do it all directly. It allows one to take screenshots and receive minor notifications over the desktop whenever there are any text messages. One can easily drag and drop files using this fantabulous app. The app comes absolutely packed with convenience features.

Users do not compulsorily require downloading separate desktop app. Mobizen android mirroring app works directly from its website which simply means that you can use your mobile phone remotely from anywhere.

As soon as you complete the setup, you can directly log on to the website for previewing the screen, files, videos and call logs via easy browsing. Apart from everything else, one can also screen record along with taking snapshots and handwriting with the assistance of the whiteboard. Toggling upon the entire screen is also supported.

Possibilities with Mobizen android mirroring app

  • Accessing your mobile phone devices from anywhere
  • Continuing being on phone without getting caught
  • Continuing phone operations with the help of a computer
  • Using your phone as a presentation tool
  • Taking remote photos
  • Taking screen shots
  • Real time screen recording

In case you feel doubtful regarding the installation or registration of Mobizen android mirroring app, you can simply choose to refer to the online videos which teach you everything step by step. Online reviews and user guide can help you to combat every single trouble that you might face while accessing this app.