Fatty Liver: Origin, Symptoms & Remedies

Fatty liver is a disease which is like a silent killer because it doesn’t often show many symptoms. There fatty liver disease, however progresses faster than cirrhosis or even liver failure (acute) which makes its detection much easier than other liver related diseases.

When liver has between 5% to 10% fat built up in it, then it causes the fatty liver disease. Fat deposition in liver up to a certain extent is permissible. However after crossing a certain limit it starts interfering with the normal functions of the organ leading to the death of its cells. Liver functions as a detoxifying organ in the body thus it is a vital organ. Thus, keeping liver healthy is important for proper functioning of other bodily organs.

Liver cleanse and detox

Milk thistle is an age old remedy which has been known to be followed by people of the ancient Roman civilization about two thousand years ago. Silybin is a component in milk thistle which acts as a liver cleanse and detox agent. It has properties that act as an antidote to even snake bites! It forms a protective layer in the inner cellular region of the liver.

Diseases associated with Fatty Liver

It is a general perception that alcoholics have fatty liver disease whereas there are other diseases which are also causative agents of fatty liver. Type II Diabetes is one of them. People who have high blood cholesterol levels as well as those who suffer from type II diabetes are at equal risk of fatty liver disease. Excessive medication or metabolic syndromes have an equal effect on the gut health.

Diet and Liver Supplementfatty-liver

The best diet for people who are at danger with any gut health related ailments would include drinking of plenty of water. Water helps in liver cleanse and detox while having other benefits. They should also avoid any fatty foods, high carbohydrate foods, red meats and keep away from alcohol, drugs and other addictive substances. They should also make exercise a daily habit which is best for prevention of fatty liver disease.

Regarding liver supplement, milk thistle has been proven to be the most effective remedy of all. However, taking Silybin (one of its components) as a liver supplement is advisable as it has a better action and is also quicker and more effective.

Leading a healthy lifestyle with clean diet and exercise can help you in not just staying healthy but also preventing diseases and ailments in the longer run.