6 Fashion Jewelry Pieces Women Should Not Miss for This Summer

Now that summers are near and women have started to swarm into stores to prepare outfits and fashion accessories for their summer events and parties, it is time you should sneak peek into the recent trends which have emerged this year before making any purchases for fashion jewelry pieces.

Out of all the accessories, apparel and shoes, summer jewelry trends are the most fun to experiment with.

Fashion Jewelry Summer

Designers have a great time designing colorful gems, brilliant oversized jewelry and beautiful standalone earrings which depict that sometimes all you need is a vibrant and versatile life.

So, let’s just check out the list of top fashion jewelry piece trends which you shouldn’t miss for this summer:

1- Pearls Element

Pearls are held quite high this summer. The classic material made an appearance in every form whether chosen as single drop earrings, layered neckpieces or headpieces.

And this type of fashion jewelry is appropriate for ladies of all ages. Quite a feasible choice for all kinds of occasions wearing as well.

2- Big hoops

Well, hoop earrings never left the competition, but this year you are going to see multiply ravishingly in size.

Yes, now the thick, double-hooped gold or any color hoops are in trend especially for parties and night clubs wearing. So, explore the oversized look in different materials and look extra trendy!

3- Single earring

Yes, the solo earrings are going to take over this season. The single earrings have literally dominated the Spring 2020 runways of different fashion shows. The idea is to achieve a magnetic look. So, why not go for an earring which is unique enough to make a statement of its own.

Supplied by thousands of different types of single earrings by wholesale earrings boutiques, you can definitely locate some favorite ones there, so start searching and wear.

4- Oversized chains

Chains are getting bigger and bigger with the latest fashion jewelry trend. Going for giant sparkling chains with matching earrings has been quite an in trend these days.

The layered oversized chain necklace, whether beaded or not is quite in. More and more women started wearing oversized chains to show their statements and follow this type of high fashion.

5- Colorful jewelry

Rather than living by gold and silver, this year designers have experimented with a variety of colors for spring and summer jewelry styles. They are bright colors, floral shades, and beaded pieces. The mismatched colors give the jewelry piece a unique look. It is all about having fun when you do your accessory.

Moreover, the colorful jewelry will be easy matches for different forms of clothing and dresses, for instance, you may want to buy some bright-colored jewelry at your local wholesale jewelry store to wear with your solid color tops or dresses, so you will render a complete contrast effect of attractive appearance.

6- Tortoise shell designs

This type of jewelry will be a great fit for women visiting seashore or beach resorts. So, you have this trend being followed religiously this year. Available in different shapes and sizes, they are readily available in neckpieces, earrings, bracelets, and everything in jewelry and fashion accessories. Do not miss this style for summer!