Make Your Fashion Gifts Awesome with Custom Patches

Planning a gift for someone special is a very exciting thing to do. People try to put all their emotions in the gift.

People try hard to convey love and regard to the special one. be it a birthday gift, an anniversary gift, wedding gift, or just a gift without any special day just to make someone feel special, each gift is important and it might become even sweeter with custom patches on it.

custom patches fashion

Being extremely versatile you can use them as a fashion label on stylish clothes, bags, sweaters, hats, caps, etc.

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Custom patches are many times the initials of the name of the person to whom the gift is meant for. These might be of different types depending upon the recipient.

If the gift is meant for a baby then the first letter of the baby’s first name can be used as a custom patch.

The first letter of the last name is suitable for an adult.

A single women’s gift can be patched with two initials of her first and last name.

A married women’s gift can contain her first and last name initials with the initial of her maiden name as well. A couple’s gift can have the initials of their first names with a unique design.

Even the returns gifts of various occasions can have different custom patches with the initials of the person for whom the day is special.

Even the wedding couples go for metallic custom patches that they get on their wedding cards and return wedding mementos so that the gifts become even sweeter and memorable.