Facts to Know before You Sell Gold Coins

If you are planning to sell the gold coins, then it is important to know about the bullion and numeral gold value and use it to your benefit.

High knowledge of observation will make it simpler for anyone to sell gold coins.

gold coins

The standard coins such as America Gold Eagle can be sold at more or less than their standard value.

The price of gold depends on the supply and demand of the product which changes on a daily basis.

If you buy popular coins like the Canadian Maple or American Eagle, then you would be making a fortune by selling gold coins.

For how much can you sell the coins?

Firstly, you need to find out the number and types of coins you have. Most of the coins aren’t 100% gold. Some may be just 40% while others maybe 99%.

The Canadian Maple leaf is top quality bullion gold coins of 24 karats and is 99.9% pure while the American gold eagles are 22k gold and have 91.6% gold.

Krugerrands are considered to be the best bullion gold ever for gold investing.

Once you have determined the karat and purity of gold, you need to know the size and weight of your gold coins. They are available in different sizes.

Now the third step is to price your coin. You can find the value of your coin by checking the markets daily. They usually quote the price which is similar to the wholesale price.

So, if you are planning to sell the gold coins, then you should choose bullion dealers or an online gold coin store for it as they will give you a higher rate in comparison to the wholesale price.

How to look for buyers for your coin?

There are several sources to look out for a gold buyer. Read more to know about some of these most reputed sources that are now available online to help.

You can also check out exchanges where you can advertise your coins.

You also have the option to sell them via eBay or any other auction site. If you aren’t a professional in this field, then the most effective method for you is to find gold buyers online.

However, you need to research well and compare different buyers and then select the one feasible for you.