Facts in Brief About Katana Swords

Katana sword is also referred to as samurai sword in the common parlance. Real katana, having folds in thousands, in the steel, can be crated only by highly skilled swordsmith of several years of experience.

Katana-Tricks-and-Stupid-Japanese-Sword-Injuries-2-150x150A katana is typified by its unique appearance – curved, single edged slender blade of length of about 2 to 3 shaku, with a squared or circular guard and a long grip to holding by two hands. The production of ancient katana swords started in the jokoto periods (till 900 AD) and later developed into old swords, new swords, new new swords, modern (gendaito) swords and the latest ones being newly made swords (1953 – shinsakuto) depending upon the different periods. The swords were used in several martial arts like Laijutsu, Ninjutsu by samurai, including the modern ones.

It is very difficult to purchase a real katana sword, the primary reason being that the Government of Japan has imposed many trade and ownership restrictions relating to export of authentic swords; another reason being that it is prohibitively costly, ranging from 5000USD to 50000USD for the swords of about 50 to 400 years old. Further, do not be misled by the ads, tempting to buy real katana swords for sale at low rates, though their shapes and sharpness and even quality may resemble real ones. Doubly ensure and then only buy. The high cost of the sword is attributed to the steel blade which will be highly expensive because of its material and craftsmanship; steel blades are often available separately.

Its modern versions tend to contain non-traditional materials. An irreparable damage may be caused to the katana swords, if there is mishandling in their storage or maintenance. The blade should always remain oiled well using choji oil (99% mineral oil plus 1% olive oil), powdered and also polished to prevent any rusting. The sheath covering the sword should often be opened to air out to prevent forming of rust or mould.

Katana swords were traditionally worn the edge facing up. Swords of the East, is proud to present this selection of top Japanese katana swords for Martial Artists. Each of our Japanese katana satisfies a purpose and selection is based on quality.