Facts About Tarot Reading and You

Most people are deeply interested in romance, relationships, and love, and these topics are the focus of a love tarot reading. A tarot reading may be valuable and insightful when contemplating questions about the heart.

As in every tarot reading, a love reading starts with the deck of tarot cards that contain symbols and images for the reader to relate to the specific situation or question you have in mind.

Many readers use the classic 78 card tarot deck for love readings that’s used in other types of readings. In the classic tarot deck, there are 22 “major arcana” cards and 56 “minor arcana cards.

Major Arcana Cards in Tarot

The major arcana is typically associated with major events and influences in your life. For instance, “The Lovers” is a card in the major arcana that’s a symbolic expression of the love between two persons. In contrast, “The Empress,” when it appears in a love reading, might suggest either certain relationship problems, marriage, or pregnancy depending on where the card appears in the spread and if The Empress appears in an upright or upside-down position.

The Tarot Spread

The reader calls the arrangement of cards “the spread.” In a love reading, the spread used will depend on the primary question asked and the reader’s insight into that question. For instance, if you ask whether someone in your life is a soul mate, the tarot read might select one spread, but another spread may be more appropriate if you ask about possible long-term compatibility or prospective faithfulness of that person.

Tarot Card Appearance

It’s important for the reader to consider the card’s top-right or top-down appearance in the spread, as discussed above with The Express. “The Sun” is another relevant example in a love reading. If The Sun is top-right, it may indicate children and happiness in a relationship. If it’s facing upside down, it may instead suggest a broken relationship or troubled marriage. Other major arcana cards have ranges of meanings, depending on where the card falls in a spread and how it appears.

Major Arcana cards’ appearances don’t always mean a range of positive things in an upright position and the opposite if the card appears top-down. A top-down appearance can represent that something is currently blocking the card’s full expression. So much depends on the position of the card and, in addition, an interaction of that card with the others surrounding it.

For these reasons, an experienced tarot card reader uses the factors to read the “energy” of the tarot cards and doesn’t rely on symbolism or literal interpretation from a book. The tarot reader focuses his or her mind on the question and uses the card spread to get to the heart of the client’s question.

Tarot Love Readings

A love reading from an intuitive tarot reader is the perfect choice for anyone seeking guidance in an intimate relationship. Friends and family can’t give you the answers you need. To get an unbiased intuitive reading, try a love reading. The answer you seek is within the tarot. It’s up to you to ask the question and hear the answer with an open heart and mind.

To prepare for a love reading, prepare questions beforehand. Some psychic readers recommend that you ask a broad question to avoid giving the reader too much information at the start. For instance, ask “What does the spread indicate about my potential compatibility over the long-term with John?” instead of “When will John ask me to marry him?” Quite frequently, your first question in the tarot love reading leads to greater insights and truths than you thought possible.