Facing Challenges In The Hotel Industry!

In almost every industry, there are certain individuals who rise above the rest and strive to be the very best performers in that industry. In this process, they actually create a unique niche for themselves in that particular industry.  They have the vision, courage and idealism to conquer unknown frontiers and exploit the opportunities in such areas in spite of the possible risks. They are the people who set the benchmark for others in the industry to follow. They are the perfect role models for aspirants in the hotel industry to follow and emulate. The international hospitality management industry can boost of such an exemplary leader in Patrick Imbardelli.


What skills do you need in the hotel industry?

In the hotel and hospitality industry, Patrick is an individual whose unique business acumen, strategic and leadership skills has set the benchmark for this industry to extraordinary heights. The success of his innovative strategies in the field of hotel  management in this global industry has put him in a different league to his contemporaries in the industry.  Many people may ask what makes Patrick Imbardelli so special and set him apart from his peers in the industry. The answer to this question lies in this successful stint with Pan Pacific Hotels Group.

Patrick’s exceptional business acumen, hard work, quest for excellence and innovative strategies propelled this luxury hotel to become a formidable force in the international hospitality management industry. During his tenure with the Pan Pacific Hotels Group, it became one of the most premier luxury hotels in the world and is currently an example for other similar luxury hotels to emulate. Patrick’s exceptional strategic vision and strive for excellence were responsible for this hotel group to become a recipient of numerous international awards for excellence.

The people who know Patrick Imbardelli personally a speak highly of his exceptional business acumen, motivational and leadership skills. Even his contemporaries in the industry explain that he is an individual of deep credibility and trust. His staff and employees will tell you how well informed he is about the hotel industry. Patrick has an experience of over 30 years and says that this sector is hard for every newcomer. This is why you should never quit. Hard work and perseverance does pay off and this is the sole reason why after spending many years in the hotel industry, you effectively become a master of people’s skills with success!

Face difficult guests and situations with confidence

The biggest challenge that every hotel manager faces today is winning the trust and confidence of an unhappy customer.  Patrick Imbardelli says that this takes time and of course a positive attitude. With the aid of self belief that you can win over a difficult customer you effectively will be successful. There are several customers and guests who do not like being directed to senior officials for the resolution of their problems. Patrick says that you should be able to manage the situation and not panic. One trick that effectively works is listening skills. If you listen attentively and actively to the guest, you effectively are able to resolve complaints and win them over to your side fast!