Experiencing Infertility: Adopt a Child and Expand Your Family

Adoption is a beautiful and comprehensive process. And, you do have assistance from agencies and adoption professionals, such as Adoption Network Law Center (“ANLC”) to professionally carry out the adoption process, whether you are a prospective Birth Parent or an Adopting Parent. With full-fledged legal protection and complete peace of mind, you enjoy your adoption journey towards a beautiful baby.

By means of extensive national online advertising, as well as traditional advertising and marketing strategies, adoption professionals reach out to potential Birth Parents. Whether it is abortion clinic, maternity homes, teen pregnancy programs, pregnancy hotlines, hospital and family planning clinics, reaching out to women facing an unplanned pregnancy to provide emotional and financial support happens everywhere.


By means of proper guidance and effective support, Birth Parents are given the peace of mind that their ultimate gift of life is giving their baby lifetime of opportunities. Birth Parents have the freedom to choose the Adopting Parents, to be included in the entire adoption process without receiving any judgment or criticism.  The most credible adoption professionals, like ANLC, ensure that all Birth Mothers undergo thorough medical screenings, which usually include alcohol and drug screening, STD and HIV along with other physical evaluations.

  • An explanation of the adoption process to get the legit rights of adoption
  • An assessment of the risks included along with costs involved.
  • Description of post placement connection with the birth mom. Usually, it includes giving picture and updates of the adopted child to the birth mother.

Generally, no adoption process is the same, and each carries its own expenditure. For domestic cost of adoption, expenditure comprises of legal representation for both sides, medicinal expenses, counseling, phone, travel, court expenses, Birth Mother living expenses, and advertising for the Adopting Parents. And, in case of international adoption, US citizenship and immigration fees are also included along with documentation and translations expenses.

While some adoptions via foster care involve costs, some are done without any charge. An in-city, foster care cost of adoption can be around $2000 without including the traveling costs. While domestic adoptions cost around $30,000 to $50,000, international adoptions may charge around $30,000 to $80,000.

You have three types of adoptions- open adoption, closed adoption and semi-open adoption. In close adoption, there is no contact between the Adoptive and Birth Parents. In semi-open or open adoption, contact with Birth Parents can range from emails, phone calls, or mailed photos to regular visitations. After placement, the Adoptive Parents may provide pictures and/or emails describing the progress of the child. And, lastly, open adoption, all the details and contact info are shared. The Adoptive and Birth Parents may meet each other and the relation can continue as long as they choose.

If you’re looking for pointers on how to adopt a baby, then the above mentioned info will be quite fruitful for you. Go for the adoption journey that best fits you, and you can also get financial assistance from the adoption professional that you choose.