Exhibition Tips: Surefire Conversion Tips to Turn a Prospect to a Client (During and Post Exhibition)

Despite the fact that most of us will argue that we want to ‘generate exposure’ during an exhibition or tradeshow, we all know that the ultimate goal is to turn potential prospects into actual clients. The transition from one into the next can be difficult though, which is why you need these tips.

referral(2) Make a great first impression

People will often argue that the sale is won or lost in the first few seconds. It may not be quite that drastic, but a great first impression is going to matter – and a bad first impression may make it impossible to do business with a client in the future.

You want to select people for your tradeshow who will make a great first impression. Even if someone is a great salesperson in their daily doings, they may not have the self-awareness, improvisational skills, or the resourcefulness necessary to make a great first impression during a trade show. Select people who are adapt at those specific instances, not just the people who generate the most sales from their cubicle.

Have a decision maker from your company on hand

There is nothing more frustrating for an interested client to hear “I will get back to you about that”. There needs to be someone there who is capable of making the tough decisions, people that can negotiate and close the deal. This is not only going to make you appear as though you are taking this exhibition seriously, but also gives a great impression because it makes the client feel important.

Be honest and relay information

Many different prospective clients would rather do business with a slightly more expensive option if they knew that they are working with an honest, upfront company. Remember that trust is one of the fundamental building blocks of converting prospects into clients.

Follow up in a timely manner

If someone tells you that you are interested in doing business with you and decides not to contact you for two weeks after, chances are that you assume that they have lost interest. Make sure that you follow up with people to show that you are not only timely, but also interested in doing business with them.

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