Event Planning – Another Career Option

Among the numerous career options available these days, Event planning, is one of the most fun and interesting career options. The reason why this is fun is, that there are different types of job profiles associated with this particular career. Since the event can be of any type, it gives a lot of opportunities to experiment your creative ideas and opens several avenues.

Event Planning

The first thing that you need to decide is the kind of event you wish to plan. The easiest way to finalize this is to try and remember which was the event you most enjoyed attending, and what part of it did you enjoy the most. Do not restrict your thought processes. You can also consider your inherent passions and creativity that brings out the best in you. Let all of these be the determining factors behind your decision.

You could choose from a wide range of events beginning with weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, fundraisers and other similar social gatherings. It is such an interesting job, that many a young people have decided to take it up as their profession. Michael Telvi is one such young entrepreneur, who has special skills in event planning. He also is a drug professional and does a lot of charity work himself. He donates medications for patients of cardiac arrest. Apart from that he is the CEO and the proprietor of MTSC Inc.

While deciding on a career of event planning, you should keep your horizons wide and think of a larger spectrum. Think of the various innovations that you can bring into the arrangement of different types of events, that will make people turn their heads in appreciation. Event planning though a fun job, yet there is a lot of responsibility attached to it. In order to plan an entire event all the little details have to kept in mind and correctly monitored.

It is not possible for you alone to carry out every task of planning and arranging the event, you will need to take the help of others. Say for instance, the florist, the interior decorators, the electricians, etc. You will basically have to manage and supervise a team of people to make sure that the event is a complete success for your client.

Each event has its different specifications. A wedding event has the most elaborate arrangement of all events, with the decor, the flowers, the receiving and catering of the guests, and a whole lot of other nitty gritties. A birthday event on the other hand is not so elaborate but it will have a particular theme or color code and customized cake, the delivery of which has to be monitored. So, you see the profession of event management or planning is quite a mental weight but rather satisfying.

You surely need to inherit leadership qualities like Michael Telvi , who knows how to plan events by co-ordinating with his team of helpers. He is an entrepreneur who has laid his hands on many professions including supply of drugs to the various cardiac arrest patients. He is also popular for his advertisements and home business and promotions.

Always remember that you need to absolutely passionate about the career you take up because some times you could end being a very important person ,particularly with regard to this profession.