Evaluating Every Nook And Corner Of Samsung Galaxy S4

Multitasking gadgets are the need of the hour and having this realised Samsung has created Galaxy S4. The busy routine of masses living all over the world makes them more inclined towards those phones which can perform various desired tasks and that too at a very fast speed.


From tracking your daily work out to performing various activities on internet everything can be easily done with use of this smart phone. Considering all these desires Samsung has launched Samsung Galaxy S4 with Android 4.3 software offering better outcomes to people as per their demands.

The smart phone appears to have raised your inquisitiveness. So do you want to learn more about it? Then continue reading for getting the desired information on its basic features and facilities offered.

Looks that hold your breath


The major feature of Galaxy S4 is its looks. It has a screen 5-inch screen with full HD resolution by which you can watch any video or movie with full clarity like you see in an expensive television. It has attractive colours with the desired sharpness that will make working with it more interesting. It is comfortable phone that is half of your palm when you hold it and the edges are smooth having a good finishing look which can easily get fit in your pocket and can go along with you to any corner of the world.

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Clear display and processor as per your expectations


The most amazing thing behind Galaxy S4 is that it has 1.9 GHz quad core processor, which is the fastest among all smart phones like Apple IPhones and HTC that are prevailing in the market. You can easily surf Internet like a smooth breeze and download any app within fraction of seconds.

It has 1080 p full HD display, which makes viewing by which you can also play any 3-d game easily and comfortably. It has 13 megapixel real mounted camera and 2 megapixel snapper upfront by which offers you video recording at 30 frames per second. The gadget can perform even the task of camera providing more clarity in view and pictures.

The memory of the phone is 4 GB, which is quite enough for storing basic things but in case you want more then you can easily increase its memory by inserting a micro sd card with 16GB, 32GB, or 64 GB.

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Tough screen with long battery life


The screen of Samsung Galaxy S4 is not only big but it is also scratch resistant and tough but reduces its probability of breaking in case of any fall or other misfortune. It has tough metallic parts that will not easily break off even in case of any rough handling with it. It reduces the doubt of wear tear of your cell and provides you its long life as per your desires.

One of the features that will amuse you is the long battery life that is offered by it. Once you have fully charged it then you can easily work with it for full two days with that charge depending upon your usage. You can easily use Internet throughout the day without thinking about its battery as it offers a long battery life. 15 minute charging of Galaxy S4 will offer 20% of battery backs up which will work with you for hours. You can easily converse with people for hours or visit face book without thing much about the battery life as it will not crash easily.

The battery cover is thin plastic that is light and can be conveniently removed so that you don’t have to fight or struggle with your latest smart phone just for changing the sim that is integral part of every cell phone.

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Worth spending money


The keenness to buy a smart phone must end up in buying Galaxy S4 as it is a complete package that is worth of spending your hard earned money. If you have a tight pocket still you can make this smart phone part of your life by buying it on EMI and paying money accordingly.

Samsung Galaxy S4 completes with the sim card. It is the heart of every phone so one should also be very careful while picking up the desired sim card for your new smart phone. In case of any confusion regarding choosing the apt sim card one must surely take aid of http://www.simonlyexpert.co.uk/ that will provide you the sim as per your usage and requirements.

User friendly


One of the biggest problems usually accustomed by people is with the usage of smart phones. But if you are picking Galaxy S4 then you don’t have to worry about it as it is a user-friendly phone, which you can easily, use by your own without any assistance. But in case of any ambiguity you may refer the user guide that is offered along with it. It also provides efficient services to their customers so that one can get assistance in case of any ambiguity.

You can even control you Galaxy S4 without even touching your hand to it. It has sensors attached to it that work even when you move your palm over it without even actually touching. You can also control the video in your phone with your glance and can watch it as per your desires. This feature is a latest one that is not even found in the competing smart phones like HTC and iPhones.

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If you have been much waiting to buy a complete phone offering you many packages then you must surely go with Samsung Galaxy S4 as it will provide you all that you desire. Even if you have little scarcity of money still this gadget will be the best option due to the fast multi-tasking operations offered by it.