Essential Information Regarding The Icon JDS, Pilot Tube Guided Auger Boring

When you are considering the laying down of underground pipes in a populated, built up, urban area it makes a great deal of sense for you to choose a solution that has the proven capability of getting the job done fast, on budget and in the most non-intrusive manner possible. Traditional methods of laying down underground pipes and cables have largely relied on digging up massive trenches in order to lay down this kind of infrastructure, placing the pipes on the ground and burying them.


This method is grossly inefficient as it is expensive both in terms of money and the time that it takes to complete the laying down of cables, pipes and other forms of underground infrastructure, that we have learnt to depend on in this day and age. Therefore, any solution that promises to use advanced technology to lay down these pipes without relying on breaking up the soil is welcome for anyone interested in getting the job done in a cheaper and much faster way.

An Innovative Solution to a Common Problem

Enter the Icon JDS solution, this is an innovative solution that has been in use all over the world and it has proven to be effective and efficient in taking good care of such underground cable and pipe laying infrastructural projects.  This technology employs the pilot tube guided auger boring method to drill holes, pipe ways under the ground without disturbing the underlying soil structure, in essence without digging up and filling up trenches.

The JDS Solution in a Nutshell

So what exactly does this JDS pilot tube guided auger boring method entail? You might be tempted to ask. Well here is a rundown on this technology and how it can be of immense use to your projects;

  • Origins – This technology originated from Germany and was pioneered by Dr. Peter Uffman of Bohrtec to be used in the installation of sewer lines, water lines and underground utilities like broadband internet cable lines. It was developed as a cheaper alternative to then prevalent expensive method of using tunnel boring machines.
  • Method – It is a trenchless method (you do not need to dig up a trench) of installing small diameter pipes that have outside diameters of between 4 – 55 inches. It employs the pilot tube guided auger bring system which provides the accuracy and consistency that Is a hallmark of the industry.
  • Process- It is installed in one of two ways; this can be done either via a three-phase installation or a two-phase installation. It starts with the launch of reception pits at either end of the proposed drive length.
  • Technology – It gets its juice from hydraulic power packs that provide a minimum of between 55 Kilowatts- 67horsepower from a diesel engine. Each system provides hydraulic flow of 0 to 34.8 gpm and upwards of 5,000 Psi of working pressure. It uses levers to control motion in all three dimensions.
  • The Eye –It gets its vision from a digital the odolite camera which gives the contractor the ability to constantly monitor the illuminated LED Target and Front Steer Boring Unit (FSBU). This allows the operator to steer it accurately through the ground.

50% Cheaper Than The Alternatives

This technology is up to 50% cheaper than equivalent laser controlled micro tunneling systems. Additionally, the pilot tube operation is what makes the accuracy of the pilot tube guided auger boring system possible when compared to any other system. This is by far the best system that you can employ when you are considering underground infrastructure installation.