Ensure less noise pollution with double glazed windows Harpenden

Environment around us these days is full of unwanted noise. As the level of noise continues to increase in the form of traffic, appliances, machinery etc., it starts to impact our life as well.

People are unable to enjoy the desired level of peace and serenity even in their own homes. It further leads to discomfort and annoyance, along with affecting the quality of their life.

This is the reason that people are eagerly seeking ways to bring back peace and calmness in their homes and lives, for which double glazed windows Harpenden are an ideal solution.


 Before delving any further into how double glazing is effective in noise control, it is important to understand how the noise enters into a building in the first place.

Sounds of varied frequency, high, medium or low, combine to form noise pollution. While some frequencies, like high levelled sounds, can be reduced easily, low frequency sound can become difficult to block. Vibrations coming from outside enter through windows and lead to increased level of noise indoors.

Another reason for the noise entering a building is the air infiltration that occurs between poor seals and joints of windows. In other words, ensuring least air infiltration is the key to reduce the level of sound effectively.

Maximum amount of noise enters into a house through windows. Therefore it makes sense to opt for quality double glazed windows to cut down the amount of noise and create peaceful indoor environment. This is possible because of the unique construction design of double glazing.

It consists of two layers of glass fitted into a frame. The gap between these layers is filled using air, which provides both, thermal and sound insulation. If reducing outside noise is the primary reason for installing double glazing, then it is crucial that the windows are manufactured keeping the desired purpose in mind.

Some of the ways through which the sound insulation ability of double glazed windows can be increased include:

  • The distance between glass panes of a double glazed window is a major factor determining the level of noise it is able to reduce or block. More will be the cavity or gap; better will be the noise reduction.
  • Thickness of the glass used is another crucial element. For maximum sound reduction thicker glass should be used.
  • Another useful method that can be adopted for controlling the level of noise is using two glass panels of different thickness.
  • Besides glass panes and their thickness, another element which can prove helpful in reducing noise is the window frame. Ideally insulating frame for window should be used to increase its effectiveness.

 Due to the favourable qualities it offers, double glazing has become the first choice of users for both residential and commercial buildings.

It is a valuable investment which can keep serving property owners for a long time to come. In order to get maximum efficiency, it is suggested to select and install high quality double glazed windows Harpenden diligently.