Effective ways to prevent and treat cold scores at Home

Cold sores are like small ulcers in the mouth giving you extreme pain while chewing and eating. Though the causes of the cold sores remain unknown, it is proven as the most disastrous disease which one can have related to the teeth and gums. Let us know more about it and the effective treatment options available.

cold cores

There are mainly two typical cold sores taking place in the mouth. One is known as the simple cold sore and the other one is known as the complex cold sore. The simple cold sores can happen three to four times in a year and it remains up to a week.

These are known to occur between 10 to 20 years of age. The complex cold scores are uncommon and known to happen only to those people who had this trouble before. The exact causes of cold scores are still unknown. A normal tissue injury can cause cold sores. Some cancer sores are the resultant effect of eating a lot of citrus fruits within a very short period of time.

These fruits include orange, pears, strawberries, lemon and the like. Some dentists even believe the cold sores happen due to an intense brushing of the gums with a strong brushing material. The complex cold sores are known to happen due to a deficiency of certain vitamins like vitamin b-12, folic acid, zinc and iron deficiency. It can also happen due to some gastrointestinal infections.

Pains from the cold sores generally get wiped out normally within a few days without any proper cold sore treatment or home remedies. But in some cases when the sores are large and painful and it is very difficult to have something, then the doctors prescribe some ointments.

Natural treatment for cold sores is mainly based on the prevention. It is so effective that it can help people to prevent cold sores from coming in the first place. You have to avoid the citrus fruits and spicy foods which make your mouth irritable. Don’t chew the gums and use a soft brush which does not tamper with your dental health.