EE Continues B2B Drive with New Campaign

The UK’s largest and fastest mobile network operator EE, which was the first to make superfast 4G broadband available to its personal EE 4G smartphone and tablet users, has revealed that it is focusing its attention on businesses, specifically within the financial sector, with a brand new campaign.
EE launching it’s ‘In the City’ strategy in order to provide superfast 4G services to banks and financial services businesses in the finance sector based in the heart of London. 
Firms in London’s Square Mile will all be able to benefit from the campaign, which is also aiming to promote EE’s double-speed 4G EE network in London and other major cities throughout the UK.
As part of the new campaign, the operator is launching a new service called Mobile Voice Recording. This is the first network-integrated service in the UK which fully adheres to all Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) mobile trading rules and regulations. The FCA rules require communications on mobile phones relating to transactions in certain financial markets (i.e. bonds, equities etc.) to be recorded, so that market abuse can be detected.
EE Mobile Voice Recording, developed with help from voice capture and analytics platform specialist Etrali Trading Solutions, works with all EE contract phones as well as all other handsets. It automatically records all calls without requiring any action by the user, storing communications for six months in Etrali’s secure cloud infrastructure.
Discussing EE’s new ‘In the City’ campaign, the operator’s chief marketing officer for business, Gerry McQuade, said: “With our ‘In The City’ strategy, we’ve put together a complete package for financial services organizations that makes it easier for them to securely manage their mobile device fleets and comply with regulations governing mobile trading. Not only is this critical to our customers’ business but also to the health and integrity of the financial services industry in the UK.”