Edible seeds: Add taste and health to your food

Agriculture in the world is attaining new realms of innovation. Various technologies and concepts like organic farming seem to revolutionize the field. Farmer fraternity now seems to have a better life that it used to have before a couple of decades. There are many new experiments been done in various parts of the world which show the significant changes in thhe field of agriculture.

Edible seeds

Size always doesn’t matter. It is quite evident from the nature where we grow into human beings from a little fetus. Similarly, small seeds, when cultivated in a proper way, could end up growing into a huge tree or a beautiful plant. These ultimately help in in maintaining livestock.

Apart from the most essential benefit of the seeds, which is, an indirect supplier of oxygen, some of them can also be consumed directly or mixed with various food products to add taste to them. But this is not the primary reason for consuming these super seeds.

The primary reason for using them is to gain from them the benefits of various important nutrients like linoleic acid, omega 6 fatty acids which help in regulating cholesterol levels and various others. For instance, chia seeds are very useful in curing bones. These little wonders of nature are rich in calcium omega 3 type fatty acids and etc. They are grown commercially in many countries as there are so many chia seeds benefits.

There are many such seeds used as food add-ons and eaten directly as opposed to the traditional way of having them used to extract oils. It is said that these seeds are best when acquired fresh. These seeds not only make our favorite dishes more interesting if not more delicious and anyways they have all the important nutrients for which a little alteration in taste can be borne. And sometimes these seeds make the food more delicious than they actually were.