Easy Steps To Convert Scanned TIFF Image To Searchable PDF

There are certain urgencies, when you need to take a digital copy of your printed document. Scanning is always the quickest option you can possibly come across. But, when it comes to photographing with smartphone, it helps in saving some extra time.

The result is a text image, which is to be saved under PNG, TIFF or JPEG. For any kind of faxing or scanning needs, TIFF is the one which people always harp on. Sometimes, TIFF comes with one major disadvantage.

The texts scanned by this forum cannot be searched or edited. So, trying to Convert Scanned TIFF Image to Searchable PDF seems to be a great help, during such instances.

Follow some simple steps:

It just takes few simple steps when you are planning to convert TIFF files into searchable PDF. Now, you are not just going to scan your images, but get the chance to find them when the need arises. Simple steps can help you to come up with this conversion.

· Install the tool: For the first step, you have to install the converter. Searching online will help you to come across so many of them. Before you finally choose a tool, check out its credibility, ways and reviews from previous clients. Once you are completely satisfied, you can install the tool.

· Load the scanned images: You have the liberty to add one or more than one TIFF Scanned images, which come with text. After that, you can click on the drag and drop tool, and enjoy adding folders. You can even use the advanced file selection procedure. This process helps in automatically load files of a particular extension and size from any location.

· Create the searchable PDF: For the next step, you have to search for PDF format, in your chosen language. For that, click on the menu button and from there to saving settings. Here, you will come across format saving setting option, leading finally to PDF.

· Tick the box: After entering the PDF zone, now it’s time to click on the box at bottom of window. Here, you will need to choose the option “create searchable PDF in preferred language.” Then choose the language you want. Generally, there are 6 languages to choose from.

· Save your result: After the required changes have been made, you need to save it. For that, click on the saving option, and decide the area, where you want to save the output images. You can even get to choose any customized location in subfolder or source folder. Now, you can click on PDF button from “convert to” area.

Enjoy the shortcut:

Various tools are now presenting you with shortcuts to Convert Scanned TIFF Image to Searchable PDF. This is easy way to use, especially when you are planning to customize conversion using any of the available options. When all the steps are taken into consideration, press on the “start” button and you are good to go.

From the above mentioned easy tips, it is easy to Convert Scanned TIFF Image to Searchable PDF. The process becomes much easier when you are aware of the norms to follow.