Do We Need Metal Detectors in Schools or Not

There are certain places available in the world where the crimes will not take place usually like schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, etc. Among these areas, in schools the crime rate is zero percent in the earlier decades.

But according to the latest statistics the cold blooded crimes and terrorist types of crimes are happening in the schools and educational institutions only. That too the crimes are dealt mainly by the school children and students only. The crimes are happening with violent objects like riffle, guns, knife, stabbers, etc.

The main reason for such violent actions in the schools by the students is improper lifestyle and improper care of the parents. Because of the constant stress, pressure and tension in the home environment the children becomes more violent which they are exposing in the external environment when a small stimulus have occurred.

To prevent such actions the educational department started using metal detectors in their school premises. All the children were checked thoroughly with the metal detector before they are entering into the school compound. After complete check up only the children or student will be entered into the school campus.

Still there exists a debate among the schools either to use the metal detectors in the schools or not. As already several schools aware started using the metal detectors on their school students, so many other schools refused to use it and also insisting other schools to not use the metal detectors on the children.

Actually do we need metal detectors in schools or not. For this question the answer from majority of the people is yes! Using school metal detectors is must and welcoming one. The major justificatory point which most of the people keeping in front for using metal detector is saving the precious lives from unwanted crimes in advance.