Discover Why Mashable Has Ranked Appy Pie As One Of The Best Android App Builder

If you wanted to build apps for your website, your business, product, service or blog, but lack in the funds then the best option you have to stay updated in the modern world is an App building platform. There is several app building software out there which requires no investment and can enable you to build apps without having any knowledge of coding. With a mere investment, you can make use of the best platform and build unique and attractive apps for your business. There is several apps development software out there but none so user-friendly and compatible like Appy Pie that is why Mashable has ranked Appy Pie as one of the best android app builder.


What you need to know about Appy Pie

Apple’s latest and fastest growing App builder is here and they call it Appy Pie, soon after its launch it has become the faster growing App developer software in the world. Upon its release it received worldwide acclaim and within a month the application scored more than 5000 apps. Small to medium size business found the app useful for getting new customers and engaging with old ones. You will not need anything to be downloaded or installed with the app and can drag or drop items to create your online app. Once done you also get a HTML5 hybrid app that is compatible with iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry.

Ease of use is the reason for popularity of Appy Pie

Appy Pie requires no programming skills and yet you can create the best apps devices like a Windows phone, iPhone, Android or any other smartphone or a tablet and publish it to iTunes and Google Play. The application makes app building a simple and pleasurable activity and can create apps in easy steps. It makes economical and great looking apps and also features all premium applications like app sharing, push notifications, app analytics and helps to monetize and improve profitability. Appy Pie has been making updates and adding features to increase the usability of the user. No wonder, Mashable has ranked Appy Pie as one of the best android app builder.

Reasons to choose Appy Pie over others

You can build Apps in minutes with this excellent app maker and you require no coding skills to create an app. You can just drag and drop things to make your own app and then publish them easily on iTunes, Google play or App stores. The app revisions and updates you make happen in real time and you also get to send push notifications. Additionally you get to monetize the apps with ads and get real time App Analytics. Other features include GPS tracking, social media integration and photo gallery integration. You can build student tools like dictionaries, restaurant integration tools like a menu builder and make it integrated for blogs like WordPress. You can also make Audio and Radio integrated apps, contact list apps, appointment schedulers and share them with your friends.

If you have a small business, and is in need of an app for your business to grow, then it is wise to choose Appy Pie for making apps compatible for any mobile devices. Increase your profitability with stunning apps that can be built within 5 minutes try it now and discover why Mashable has ranked Appy Pie as one of the best android app builder.