Discover The Career Opportunities With Your Law Degree!

Many students are taking a law degree however they do not wish to become a lawyer in the long run. There is a common misconception that taking a law degree means you have no choice but to become a lawyer. This is not correct. You have the option to use the law degree in any way you feel like as there are several opportunities waiting for students who do have a law degree but do not wish to become full-time lawyers in the long run!


What can you do with your law degree?

Jeffrey A Dukes is a specialist when it comes to the study of law and he says that you are not limited to becoming a lawyer if you have a law degree. There are other industries like real estate, banks, factories and corporate offices that are looking for students with law degrees. The following are some of the career options open to you when you have a law degree:

  1. Legal consultant: Many large companies and corporations require staffs that have law degrees for their management. There are many things that companies need to look after besides operations. Some of them include news releases, publics’ announcements and other matters related to law. This is why they need an attorney or a team of attorney on their staff rolls. If you are keen to begin your career in the field of business, it is prudent for you to take a degree in management and business law. Here too, you may work as a consultant.
  2. Consultant in Evidence Law: if you are keen in genetics in the medical industry and have some working experience in it, you may become a consultant in Evidence Law helping the jury in a courtroom find answers to a number of questions. You may have to give in DNA evidence and help jury members solve some complicated cases with your expertise.
  3. A Writer Of Wills And Trust– you will find that more and more people are realizing the importance of drawing up trusts and wills. It is here you may excel as a trust and wills writer. This is also an area of estate planning. In fact, this market is an emerging one today and gaining a lot of popularity.
  4. Consultant of Intellectual Property- You may become an intellectual property consultant if you wish to. There are companies that release new products with innovative technologies. It is here that your expertise can step in and provide the much needed guidance and information for the protection and resolution of any copyrighted issues with success.

Therefore if you are a student of law and do not wish to become a lawyer, the above are some of the most lucrative opportunities that are open to you says Jeffrey A Dukes . He states that you should be aware of the right fields of legal interest before you finally venture into any one of them. All the fields of law listed above are profitable and ideal for bright prospects.