Digital Art and Graphic Designing: Growing Popularity and Trends

Digital art is a complicated and intricate work to produce. It is not just a type of art which we often see online. It’s a full fledge industry now. Graphic designers who have the skills to make a simple graphic into art are now the builders of this industry. The talent we see in this industry is just impeccable.

Thus only experts and knowledgeable people can make the digital art graphics into something that is sellable in the open markets. Few years ago, only industries or institutions were interested in investing in basic products of digital arts, but now public also like it. And for this reason various individuals came into this field and are working as a freelancers to earn living. 


Abstract art prints are also a variety of digital art, which is picking up pretty fast amongst the customers. 

There are some particular key basics to the process of artwork in any art form like abstract art prints to even digital art as a whole. 
There is a technique called vector which is used to create artwork with the help of software like freehand and coral draw.

The images produced are flamboyant as around thousands of colors can be chosen from the software palette and the shapes and patterns available there are also mind blowing at the same time. These are mostly used for creating advertisements and other mass media products.

Other techniques to create digital artwork are like fractals, mixed media and digital painting. All the above said techniques have some distinct qualities which is why only one form of particular artwork is created by them at one time.

Fractals have been re-emerging since a few years by now. It works when there is a zoom option available on the screen. The minute details of the images are seen through the hand tool only. There are three main aspects for fractals as such, like setting the parameters of the software, executing the long calculations inside and at the end the evaluation of the final outcome. The end result is mostly a very pretty example of digital art.

Mixed media and digital painting are two different techniques which make use of some other techniques too. Thus we can say they can’t be use in isolation. They need a supplementary tool to get the work done perfectly.

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