Different Kinds Of Income Protection Cover Policies

The key factor for any quote that you require for income protection insurance is your employment. The major effect on the probability of meeting with an accident or developing a prolonged illness is continuous exposure to a particular working environment, as it is quite obvious, high-risk jobs or those that involve a lot of manual effort increase chances of an accident and thus become liabilities for the insurer. The income protection insurance provider should be calculating these risks that may happen in the confines of the workplace and these elements are then combined together with the present state of well-being and health to devise data that suggests the likelihood of you being a claimant.


When you search for a reliable Insurance advice provider, you also need to be aware that there are different types of policies you can opt for protecting your income when you are not able to report to work due to an accident or an illness.

Long-term income protection insurance

Long-term income protection Insurance advice will pay out the claimant till a predetermined age, when he/she returns to work or till death. When one applies for this policy, this clause is underwritten instead of being put separately in the claim. This implies the claimant exactly knows what kind of coverage he/she is getting from the start and is also aware of any pre-existing terms or conditions that the claimant may not be insured for.

Short-term income protection

Short-term income protection is much like long term protection and is completely underwritten when one applies for the cover. However, instead of paying out till retirement or death, a short term insurance policy will have a pre-determined maximum payout period which usually is of one to five years.

Accident, sickness and unemployment cover

Accident, sickness and unemployment cover is yet another type of insurance protection cover. Providers of this insurance may first conduct a screening of prospective customers. However, they will not be conducting complete medical underwriting at the beginning. The cover provided by this insurance policy is often cost-efficient than a typical income protection but the applicant is not assured that he/she will be covered when a claim is put forward. Such insurance policies are designed to provide cover during unemployment. You can check out www.financialextents.com/income-protection-with-a-disability-insurance/ for more information.

Insurance advice for tradesmen is designed for safeguarding their lifestyle and homes if they suffer from any kind of an illness or an accident which makes them unable to report to their job.