5 Famous Destinations in UK to Visit

UK is commonly known as Britain or the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom of Northern Ireland and Great Britain located to the north-west of continental Europe is a sovereign state. Its constituent countries are Great Britain, Northern Ireland and a number of smaller islands.


Northern Ireland happens to be the only country having a land border shared with Republic of Ireland while United Kingdom itself is bordered by the North Sea to the East, Irish Sea to the West and English Channel to the South.

A developed country and the first to usher in the age of Industrial Revolution, the United Kingdom continues to hold sway as one of the great international powers with considerable amount of political, scientific, military, cultural and economic influence.

Voted as the eighth largest tourism destination in the world, United Kingdom boasts of a large number of tourism hot-spots. It is largely frequented by international tourists with residents of mainland Europe forming a significant proportion.

The principal tourism destination is London and the Tower Museum which houses the famous Crown Jewels.  Here, we take a look at the five famous destinations in the United Kingdom.

1- London: The Tate Modern and National Art Gallery is sure to intrigue the artistic minds while enthusiasts of military history should not consider giving the Cabinet War Rooms a miss.

Tourists should get over their notion of British food being mushy and bland because the restaurant scene in the city is nothing short of fabulous. Madame Tussaud’s Museum with its elegant display of wax work models is another aspect that should not be missed.

2- Glasgow: The largest city in Scotland, Glasgow is a friendly and bustling town. It is home to a number of imposing buildings from the nineteenth century, a vibrant life in the theatre business, most sought after independent music experience apart from the USA and watering holes ranging from the traditional pubs to trendy bars.

With an efficient transport system in place, exploring the various attributes of this city is not much of a challenge. The Victorian Necropolis and the re-opened Kelvin grove Art Museum are some must-see destinations. Tourists should also make it a point to taste the deep-fried pizza which is a local delicacy. Glasgow forms the gateway to the Irish Isles and Highlands.

3- Torquay: Swaying Torbay Palms, sandy beaches and a mild breeze blowing in from the ocean gives a unique Mediterranean feel to this small English town. With an enormous aviary along the coast and home to the renowned Kent’s Cavern Prehistoric Caves, Torquay is more than just a spot for beach tourism.

Famous author Agatha Christie spent most of her life in this small town which is now home to a large number of film companies. Boasting a literary history of such richness, Torquay offers the perfect setting to conclude the next screenplay or novel, or simply enjoy some relaxing time in the middle of an atmosphere of mystery.

4- Belfast: A city that boasts of a population of close to 300,000 in the city proper, Belfast has become a popular break spot for the weekend having established itself as a popular destination. An energizing getaway, Belfast is full of life and optimism flowing through the city.

With an intriguing array of transport options to choose from, touring the city is anything but a difficult task. The Belfast Cathedral and Ulster Folk Museum are a must for any visitor to the city. An experience at some of the award-winning restaurants, theatres, clubs, galleries and bars also should not be missed.

Another great attraction in the city is the Dock and Pump House that housed the Titanic on her tragic maiden voyage to the USA.

5- Manchester: Famous for its football teams and musical heritage that gave the world the likes of Oasis and The Smiths, Manchester is a centre of sports and fine arts. A very friendly and down-to-earth city, it is widely regarded as the capital of the North.

Having overcome a series of horrific bombings during the Second World War and a decline in the industrial scene, Manchester has succeeded in establishing itself as a cosmopolitan city, home to over two million confident individuals. It is well served by light rail and bus networks.

Some of the top attractions in the city are Canal Street Gay village, arcade Affleck’s Palace and the Lowry Art Complex. Football enthusiasts should not miss a tour of the famed Old Trafford football stadium, home to Manchester United, one of the giants of British and European football.

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