Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl this Year

The Super Bowl is not an ordinary game, it has gained the reputation of being the premiere playoff game.

Denver Broncos

This game has become a game that many people prepare for weeks in advance. The play of the Denver Broncos has made the 2013 football season  real interesting.  Peyton Manning has shown that at 37 years old he continues to play at an elite level/

Basically, Manning is one of the best players this year in the Super Bowl and he has been on the top of all his games this year.

The Denver Broncos are now going to play the leagues top defense of the NFL the Seattle Seahawks. The fans believe that this is the most attractive and unbelievably exciting game in the history of the Super Bowl.

Denver has a Super Bowl winning quarterback on the team that is staying out of sight.  John Elway who was a Super Bowl XXXIII MVP can win another title as an executive in charge.  This could be sports history in the making.

History has not been kind to MVPs who take over the reigns of a team.  Look at Michael Jordan and Dan Marino and Wayne Gretzky.  One exception would be Mario Lemiuex  of the Pittsburgh Penquins.

Weather was a major concern a week before the Super Bowl but now the weather looks like it will be fine with temperatures in the mid 40s and a slight chance of rain. The weather may have been one of the biggest stories of the game.

This is the first time in the history of the Super Bowl that it is being played outside in a cold weather city.  Previous NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle believed that the game should be played in perfect weather conditions. One of the big questions asked Roger Goodell was if there would be anymore games played in outdoor cold weather venues.  Goodell did not deny that there could be more games with the potential to be affected by snow and bone chilling cold.

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