Deep Drive Technology Used For House Leveling

In foundation repair jobs, house leveling is also an important aspect for discussion. House leveling is that procedure where builders or contractors brings the house’s lowest point to match its highest point through stabilising slab in between the pillars of the house.


Simply it is changing ground level to a smooth finished surface generally in horizontal position. In Abry Brothers Foundation and Structural Solutions, they always use highly advanced machineries so as to get the best result from the worst extraction. They perform their task on time and in a proper way which always attracts more and more customers towards their business.

Unlike, new and upcoming companies who generally hire inexperienced staff, Abry Brothers Solutions is in this field for over 170 years and the knowledge and experience that they have gained since years is unimaginable and that’s why they have perfect and everlasting skills for which their work is beyond comparison. They offer you the best of their technologies in the market when it comes to foundation repair.

Their Deep Drive technology is the ultimate solution for house leveling and offers you 30% more strength and support as well as assurance of safety as compared to the traditional piling as this technology is specially designed to stabilize a slab. In the area where foundation is weak and failing, a slab is usually attached to give strength and support to the building.

Deep Drive Foundation System has been especially designed to support all types of difficult soul whether marshy or loamy. It is that technology that holds and sticks in all kinds of terrain. This technology plays a key role in house leveling and gives extra aiding to the newly placed slab.

Also, Abry Brother’s hydraulic jacking system is a popular technology for leveling homes or commercial buildings. This technology is generally placed at the top of newly installed pilings so as to raise the house at the desired level, then Shims are placed on top of the new pilings to hold and support the structure at its new and true level.

The structural fortitude of your house depends on the foundation of the house, thus it is strongly recommended that you must trust an experienced professional to prevent future vulnerabilities such as Abry Brothers Foundation and Structural Solutions whose Foundation repair Houston and Foundation repair Dallas are major branches of foundation repair where most of their work is performed.