7 Fashion Rules Curvy Girls Can Ignore

Over the past few years, plus size fashion has vastly improved. Gone are the days when curvy women have to cover up and not have the option of staying on-trend.

Designers finally understand that not everyone is a size zero.

Curvy women are beginning to understand they can dress up and show off their assets. However, there are still a few fashion rules that curvy girls think they need to follow.

However, we are here to say, this is not true! Be yourself and look beautiful. Ignore the rules and create your own fashion. Check out the rules below and choose to break them!

curvy girls

1- Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are not for skinny people, but this is the common misconception. Women do not have to be small to pull off skinny jeans. Curvy girls can look great in skinny jeans too! The trick is to find a pair that works well for your body shape.

If you wear a pair that is too tight, you will appear larger than you should. Find a brand that fits well for your body so that you look great. Add a long tunic or blouse and you are all set!

2- Printed Fabrics

Many larger women feel as though they cannot pull off a printed fabric, but this is simply not true. Bold prints will make the body appear slimmer and are a perfect choice for plus size women.

A print that is eye-catching is the best option so that the eye is drawn the pattern instead of the body so that any imperfections can be hidden.

3- Fitted Clothing

Another option that seems to be ignored by plus size women due to old rules is fitted clothing. Most women feel as though baggy is better. However, this is not true. Clothing that fits the body shows the actual shape.

If the fitting is spot on, then your shape is defined. You can always use certain fabric types to hide areas of imperfections. Small ruffles or ruching on the side of a fitted blouse can help to hide belly or hip trouble.

Having a fitted bust line can give you an hourglass shape where you go from frumpy to va va voom!

4- Bra Style

Many busty women think that they cannot try stylish bras and have to go for only those traditional looking sports bra.

But the truth is we now have a good collection of stylish bras like push up bras available at sites like drcanines.com that can be tried out.

These are awesome especially when you want to wear backless or low cut dresses for occasions like weddings.

5- Striping

Many larger women also avoid wearing striped clothing, but this is another rule that can be broken. Any woman can wear a striped pattern, no matter her size.

It is wise to avoid a horizontal wide stripe that can easily become askew but other than that, go for it! A nice pinstripe can always work well in any form.

6- Choose Color

There are many plus size women who have a slew of black clothing items in their wardrobe. Black is supposed to be slimming so we buy it up. However, without color in the wardrobe, a woman can begin to look boring and monotonous.

By adding color, you can spice up your wardrobe and have never-ending mix and match choices. Choose colors that go well with your skin tone and give you nice options for every day of the week.

7- Dress Options

Finding a dress that fits appropriately can also work wonders for both confidence and style. Maxi dresses are the perfect choice for women of plus size who want to look nice both night and day.

By choosing an empire waist option, women will be able to emphasis the bust line and then move away from the body to create an overall flowy look.

These are just a few of the style rules that are made to be broken. Do not let fashion nonsense keep you from looking and feeling great. Choose your own style path and own it.