Creative Institute

It’s no secret that disabled children get the short end of the stick when it comes to everything, and educational opportunities rank highly on that list. Many schools barely have special education programs, and the special education programs that do exist don’t have enough funding to provide for the needs of their students.

Special education students are often able to accomplish more than people think, but it seems as if a lot of adults give up on them in advance. The Creative Institute Indiegogo Campaign is one of the many crowdfunded public efforts that is working to change this terrible and self-reinforcing situation:

It should be noted that projects like the Creative Institute would not have been possible before the twenty-first century. The Creative Institute is going to offer students learning materials that are digital in nature. Incidentally, education itself is starting to change for everyone, and it is possible that most teaching is going to occur online within the next ten or twenty years.

The Creative Institute is ahead of the curve in that regard, and the creators of this Indiegogo project are focusing on disabled children in advance.

It is possible that even in an age where learning was being democratized more than it ever was before in history, disabled children would still be neglected more often than not. Hopefully, thanks to the effort of trailblazers like the creators of this Indiegogo campaign, the new generation of disabled children is not going to have to grow up with all of the same challenges as previous generations.

They may have more opportunities than all previous generations, and they may be able to enjoy educational standards that few disabled people have ever had at an early age. The Creative Institute is hopefully only the first of many projects like this.

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