Simple counseling approaches in couples therapy and how they impact your relationship

Couples therapy is an amazing option to ensure that your relationship can withstand the test of time. Every couple faces issues at some point and sometimes you need a third party to resolve it and make your relationship better and stronger.

Depending on your situation, a couples therapist can choose different counseling approaches and apply them in different ways.

Couple Therapy

What is a couples therapy?

It is a kind of counseling in which couples share their issues together to strengthen their bond and improve their relationship. Some of the common problems addressed in couples therapy are infidelity, lack of communication, mistrust, sexuality, mental problems and more.

Major counseling approaches


It is based on the knowledge and understanding of people and their problems. It can be resolved by addressing three areas, conscious, unconscious and subconscious. It brings the subconscious and unconscious to conscious to allow the mind to work in harmony.


It depends on the individuality of the person. The approach works on the belief that it is not the experience which causes problems but how one faces these events and think about themselves. Your therapist explores your thoughts and feelings to find customized solutions to your problems.


It depends on the fact that environment of a person impacts their behavior. Counselors believe that as behavior can be learned, you can unlearn it too. Hence, it concentrates on hanging the unwanted behavior and developing the wanted behavior in a couple.


This approach takes some element from all the three above mentioned counseling approaches. The idea behind this counseling is that there is some truth to all the three kinds of approaches and the right combination can lead to effective treatment of relationship.

How to choose the right counseling approach for you?

Choosing the right approach should be left to your therapist. Once a session with your counselor is held with you and your partner, he will know about you and your relationship and can decide which approach will be suitable for you and your present relationship condition.

Mikael Hoffman parterapeut offers a counseling approach based on the information you provide, your situation and your relationship issues. He knows the fact that the same approach doesn’t work for all couples and situations. And the approach used in the beginning may have to be changed in the midway. So, discuss your relationship issues with him to get customized therapy.

How does couples therapy works?

Well, according to Mikael Hoffman, first and foremost a safe atmosphere is developed. Then the history of the couple’s relationship is discussed. Both the partners talk about themselves and each other. They discuss their daily regime, life pattern and habits.

Then a communication tool is introduced where you can see, hear and understand your spouse and get seen, heard and understood by them. Then he analyzes you based on it and suggest you the small adjustments which are needed to be made for better results in your relationship. More sessions are suggested for further cooperation and incorporation of new habits.