Contemporary Pearls: Scattered, Ribbon & Tin Cup

A woman can never have too many pieces of pearl jewelry, believe me. Go back in time and find out how Cleopatra was associated with pearls; so much, in fact, that she even made a bet with Mark Anthony based on a pearl. Speed up to Victorian times and you will discover that some of the most prominent female figures always adorned pearls, especially members of royal families. In Hollywood’s Golden Era, the most beloved actresses in the United States could always be seen wearing pearls, such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly. Pearls actually play a strong role in diplomacy, as prestigious First Ladies like Jackie Kennedy or Michelle Obama adore them.

48_ribbonscatteredandtincuppearlnecklaces In contemporary society, pearls have indeed become more accessible, but they are still treasured by the rich and famous. The good part is that now you do not have to spend a small fortune for pearls, with affordable pearl jewelry online shops like Pearls Only always at hand.

One of the reasons why pearls have become less expensive than they were in the past is that jewelers have created smart designs in which you spend less, but remain extremely fashionable. They apply them by spacing out pearls or by using a bunch of smaller pearls to create a chic effect. That is how we have come to adore scattered pearls, pearls strung on ribbons or famous tin cup pearl necklaces. We absolutely adore these contemporary designs and we want to share the love with you by telling you a bit more about each design below. Which one do you fancy the most?

The Illusion of Scattered Pearls

If you want the ultimate impact of optical illusion jewelry, you have to discover scattered pearl necklaces. Pieces such as the pink freshwater “Illusion” pearl necklace available on Pearls Only are a true beauty to behold. The nylon filament used to string the pearls creates the illusion of them simply floating on your collarbone. With the use of tinier pearls, a “scattered” necklace allows you to purchase a piece of authentic pearl jewelry at an unbeatable price.

Completely Chic & Super Sweet: Ribbon Pearl Necklaces

If you think about it, ribbons are one of the first accessories that come to mind when you think about femininity. By stringing pearls on one or more pieces of silky ribbon you will not only be saving money by using less pearls, but you will also end up with a gorgeous accessory that you can wear with both casual and elegant outfits.

Tin Cup Pearl Necklaces: Classic with a Modern Twist

Ah, tin cup necklaces. This super sweet trend that took off in the second half of the 90s still stands strong today as a stylish design for pearl necklaces. Inspired by the pearls that Rene Rosso wore in the movie “Tin Cup”, these pearls are neatly spaced out and are brought together by a silk thread or a silver or gold chain. They are perfectly suitable for both young girls and women, so think about ordering one today!