Conservation of birds – Isn’t it high time now?

Birds are one of the most delicate creations of God. They are an important part of the ecological system to maintain a balanced environment. However in the recent past, the bird population has experienced tremendous downfall primarily because of increasing pollution. Several migratory birds have become extinct and many of the species are under the threat of extinction.

Conservation of birds

So the question is how to put an end to all this? How to protect these beautiful creatures from dying? The straight forward answer to this is bird conservation. Lot of companies talk about conservation of birds’ initiative but it’s high time common man must become a part of such initiatives and take immediate action for this cause.

Potential threat for birds  

  • Pet cats roaming outdoors

Pet cats are a major threat for the birds as the cats may chase and hunt for them. Although, most of the pets these days are trained, but a situation may arise where these pets may go out of control and chase a bird. Therefore, many of the bird conservation initiative spread awareness about these consequences and ensure that people having pet cats take pledge to keep them indoors.

  • Open pipes on Public Lands

Every year thousands of birds fall into the open pipes which are used for variety of purposes on public lands. Unfortunately, these birds are completely trapped inside and finally die. It is true that one cannot stop using pipes as they have many different uses, but the utility of closed or capped pipes may surely improve the picture and save many of the bird species.

  • Toxic Neonic Pesticides

Neonicotinoid chemicals are the most commonly used insecticides in today’s date which have severe effect on many of the bird species. Therefore, it is necessary to check the harmful side effects of these insecticides and then use them. Insecticides which are nature-friendly may also be utilized in place of these.

There are many other reasons behind the reducing population of several bird families.

Time to take action

It’s high time to take action and preserve beautiful birds from getting extinct. Interestingly, several NGO’s and social working groups have taken bird conservation seriously and is rapidly spreading awareness regarding the same.

Several such groups carry out awareness programs to seek donations from the people which they contribute towards this genuine cause. If not donation they ensure that people take pledges for the betterment of bird community. With such initiatives one may not see a sudden improvement in the current scenario but it will surely improve the situation in the near future.

Many of the bird species may have become extinct in the recent years because of the above mentioned reasons; however, with some of the conservation initiatives people are constantly working towards this cause. The situation is such that one can’t just sit and wait for such social workers to work towards this cause. Rather one should bring a change in themselves and take pledge that they will work towards betterment.