Conducting Asbestos Survey Is Necessary For Safety of Life and Future Health Hazards

You may find a mineral that is thin and has got fibres that are packed very tightly among the materials used for the construction of an old building. This material is asbestos and has got a lot of strength in them. This was the reason they were used for constructions. The material was also fireproof and a non-conductor of electricity. It was good for insulation of the buildings. The material has got so many positive sides but it can also cause a lot of health hazard when come into contact with the atmosphere. The fibres that are light can mix with the air and install themselves inside the lungs or air way of human beings. The tissues of the lungs and the air passage can get seriously affect to the extent that one may get lung cancer too.

Asbestos Survey

Survey and its importance

This material was used in schools, office buildings and shipyards for insulating the construction. It was not known that it was the main reason for health hazards in many who comes in the vicinity of the place that has asbestos. This came into knowledge much later and construction of buildings with this material was stopped. There was asbestos survey done in different buildings to find out the content of asbestos and this showed why some people living or working nearby showed symptoms that were common.

Discontinued material and its use

Demolition and refurbishing the part that contained the mineral in an exposed way stopped the damage temporarily. The health hazard that gets started by the exposure to asbestos particles was never completely cured and hence people continued suffering. Research and thorough knowledge regarding the illness were acquired by different doctors. Use of the material was discontinuedand buildings are being checked for presence of this material to remove them completely. This is the reason you must conduct a survey before starting to working in your property if the building is an old one. The buildings are demolished or rebuild in certain areas to make sure that the particles never reach the lungs of healthy people to make them ill for life.

Harm from the mineral fibers

You will find these fibers of asbestos are dangerous for any living being. When the insulation of the buildings is disturbed, the fibers install themselves into the body of the people who work in the area. This happens when someone tries to replace the insulation. This made it important to depute an expert to do such work so that they may take proper precautions. The fibers will not cause much harm when the asbestos is not disturbed or no maintenance work is done to the part of the building that contains this material.

Make sure of the condition of the building

This is therefore important for you to know if the building has got asbestos installed in any part of it. If the asbestos is in good condition, you can maintain a register to mark the area and its condition for safety in future. If the asbestos needs repair or the building has parts that are releasing the mineral in the air, it must be demolished. This position and condition of the material is checked by experts when you conduct a survey. You will do good to conduct a proper asbestos survey to avoid future problems with employees and with people living near the place. You can be sure of the condition of your property and start working there without any scare of health hazards of the people working for you.