Commercial Roofing In Los Angeles

Roofing is a responsible job either its residential building or commercial office building. For roofing you need to select a company who is well equipped, organised and dedicated. Commercial roofing is a little bit different from residential roofing because it’s more responsible task. There are several types of roofing and you must consult an expert before hiring one. They evaluate your building and suggests you best kind of roofing which is durable as per need.

Types of commercial roofing

When you select a contractor, ask for quotes that might suit your budget. You can discuss few commercial roofing’s along with its benefits, cost and durability. Commercial roofers in Los Angeles offers you various kinds of roofing options.

Spray polyurethane foam is an eco-friendly commercial roofing. This is a kind of spray when spread through an existing roof convert into foam. This foam later converts into solid layer which is known as SPF. For industrial and commercial building this technology is super full proof durable and affordable. This roofing serves more than 50 years and can bear any kind of vigorous weather strokes.

Single ply membrane EPDM installation is a time tested roofing option for commercial buildings. In this technology single ply rubber or other synthetic sheet is applied. Later this sheet is fastened with chemicals and adhesives. This roofing can serve more than 30 years.

Metal roofing is one of the most toughest and durable roofing. You can use aluminium, tin or other metal that suits your budget. This is light weighted roofing technology you can installed upon existing roof. This roofing system later serves better when you go for UV protection and rust protection.

Shingle roofing is best for sloppy floors. Most of the residential roofers opt for this option but where rain fall is in extreme they opt this roofing for commercial purpose as well. You can choose from asphalt shingles or architectural shingles. This is most durable, designer and easy to repair roofing.

Toughest roofing option for commercial buildings

For commercial roofing built up roofing is most durable and you can call it “tar and gravel” roofing. On existing roofing system they spread layers of tar and gravel one by one. This gives solid foundation and shelter to any building. You can choose various layers according to the thickness you prefer for your building type. Most of the hospitals, schools and malls uses this technology immensely. This is waterproof roofing option that needs very less maintenance. This is UV rays resistant option that keeps inside building temperature cool down.

Flat roofing for commercial building owners

Most of the residential owners choose for flat roofing because it looks more sophisticated. Pitched roofs don’t hold rain water and debris on the other hand flat roof accumulate more water. When you talk about durability and functionality flat roof stands amazingly. These roofs don’t hold tree limbs so its best fit to electronic equipments like air conditioners and generators. To reduce electric bills thermoplastic roofing stands best. Against harsh weather element rubber and single ply membrane roofing serves best. Both pitched roofs and flat roofs have their own variations and you can choose one according to your purpose and area.