Combating Infertility Issues With Simple Precautionary Steps

Infertility issues can end up ruining your entire life. It tends to create a feeling of dissatisfaction thereby leading you to constant worries and frustration. However, infertility does not always require those intense medical treatments. Sometimes, this major issue can be solved by undertaking some easy steps and precautions.


Following are some of the easiest tips that can be followed by you to increase your chances of conceiving:

Do not try holding the Siemens for too long

Most of the people think that lying still with legs upwards after the intercourse can help the sperm to reach ovary at a faster rate. However, that is untrue. Holding the sperm for a longer span of time can lead to urinary tract infection and lower fertility level.

Avoid having sex on daily basis: people who practice sex on regular basis may end up suffering with fertility issues. Excess of sex does harm and prevents the sperm to get attached with ovum. Best is to have sex after a gap of two days. Couple of restful nights tends to enhance the intensity of sex thereby leading to deeper penetration and higher chances of conceiving. Moreover, the fresh sperms that enter the vaginal area have a greater possibility to get attached to the ovum.

Finding out the exact ovulation days: the time duration of around 10-13 days is said to be the best period for getting pregnant. It is the known as the ovulation period and is regarded to be ideal for having sex and getting pregnant.

Consuming food stuffs with lower alkalinity levels: women who consume fruits and veggies have lower PH levels and healthier body functioning. Such women have better fertility levels than the ones who are into consuming fast foods and junk foods. In case you are unsure about your PH level, then you can get a urine test conducted so as to find out your exact PH level.

To into the insight of sexual positions that enhance fertility rates: certain sexual positions are specifically said to be effective in enhancing the conceiving level.

Vitamins and pregnancy supplements

Apart from the above mentioned tips, you must also consume certain prenatal vitamins and pregnancy supplements so as to prepare the body for getting pregnant. Some of the women have higher acidity levels at cervical mucus that can be sorted out with these medicines. Prenatal vitamins do not really help you with your pregnancy issues, but they are quite helpful once you conceive.