Clothing for everyone

Many people are aware of the fact that their clothing is made by poor women in developing countries, but people feel as if there is nothing that they can do about this fact. They aren’t offered a lot of easy alternatives. To make matters worse, the fashion industry wastes more resources than almost any other industry on the planet. MamerSass Reinvented Fashions is interested in changing that entire situation.

A lot of secondhand clothing or older clothing is simply thrown away and left to decompose very slowly. This fashion company is interested in taking those textiles and rescuing them in order to make the sorts of fresh and original clothing that people will want to purchase and wear for themselves. The company is advertising itself on Indiegogo here:

Recycling Clothes

People frequently ignore the energy costs that are associated with clothing. However, the resources that the clothing industry wastes are staggering. Clothing companies like this could make a huge difference in terms of that situation if more people switched to them and away from the retail outlets that use the current model.

Fashion as it is today is not sustainable. MamerSass Reinvented Fashions is interested in making fashion sustainable in a way that it has never been before this point. People can still have clothing that they will purchase at very low prices. They can still wear clothing that they consider fashionable. They can technically still get new clothing. However, in this case, the clothes that they wear will be based on fabrics that have been recycled and reused.

Many of the clothes from MamerSass Reinvented Fashions will have a unique look to them. Sustainability is a mega-trend in more ways than one. It can certainly serve as a fashion trend in its own right, except it will be a fashion trend that is here to stay.