Clen trusted and used by athletes and body builders

Clenbuterol is a sympathomimetics class of drugs that stimulates the sympathetic nervous system causing a general stimulant effect on the body. It is quite similar to but is believed to be more powerful and effective than Ephedrine. Clen does not help build musclealone but also works by stimulating the Beta-2 adrenergic receptors that in turn increases your metabolic activity.

Unlike starvation or crash diet that decreases your metabolism. Decreased metabolism will lead to fat accumulation and muscle reduction. While increased metabolism is just the opposite of it; it supports muscle growth and decreases the levels of unwanted fat. Muscle building is the key to body building.


Action of clen

The increased metabolism increases your core body temperature because of an increase in cellular heat. Thus all the stored form of fat energy is utilized by your body resulting in fat loss. All that unwanted fat and extra fat accumulated in the adipose tissue is easily broken down.

Clen also breaks down the triglycerides into fatty acids which undergo further oxidation making clen the most used safe cutting agent. Clen also dilates the arteries that are known to boost skeletal muscle growth; thus the bloodstream transports more oxygen to boost muscle growth. Muscle anabolism a phenomenon on which all body builders rely on is achieved by using the clen cycle.

 Clenbuterol and body building

The thermogenic and anti-catabolic effects of clen are well utilized by athletes and body builders. Clenbuterol has anabolic properties as well that has made it popular among bodybuilders who use it for muscle building an essential aspect of body building regiment. As clen is not a steroid, many body builders go for it. As many use steroids for improving lean body mass. Clen not being a steroid and acting like an anabolic steroid is safe for bodybuilding and is thus preferred by those who do not like to use anabolic steroids. As it works just like anabolic steroids despite not being a steroid; clen is used for building up lean muscle mass. Clen does not help build muscle alone but also provides muscle hardness and strength. Using clen aids in muscle mass increase by enhancing protein synthesis.

Clen as a cutting cycle drug

Clenbuterol is believed to be the best cutting cycle drug that increases the core temperature and in turn metabolism that is proved to beneficial for losing weight and increasing lean muscle mass. Clen is also found to reduce abdominal and visceral fat that a potent spot reduction agent. Belly fat is indeed hard to lose and clen makes this strenuous task easier. Clen is very useful and helpful for aiding in fast recovery from a post steroid cycle therapy where it can be used towards the end or after ending one’s steroid cycle.

The recommended dose of Clenbuterol for body building is 60 to 120 mcg where increase or decrease of 20mcg is usually the protocol followed while taking it for body building and muscle building. Talk to your doctor now and try including Clen in your regime!