Clean And Disinfect Pet Stained Area With Homemade And Commercial Solutions

The rugs beautify your home but they also require frequent cleaning. Right care enhances the life of the rug and keeps its beauty as it is.

But if you use rough methods of cleaning your rugs then you will soon notice that your rugs are looking too old and their grace also has decreased a bit.

The problem may get worse for those who have pets at home. As pets always roam on carpets, therefore; high chances prevail of getting your carpet stained.

The best way to get rid of pet stains is by taking the help of natural and organic cleaning products from reliable online stores.

Moreover, you can even prepare your own stain removal solutions, with the help of some basic homely products.

However, make sure that you have gained full information about the quality of the product, in case you are planning to buy pet stain removal products from online stores.

For home-made solutions, you will come across non-toxic elements, which can not only clean up the place well but will not harm the health condition of any family members.

pet stains

Removing stains from carpets

Well, the hardest task is to get the pet urine smell out from your carpet as it slips into fibers and padding areas, as well.

For that, begin the procedure by dabbing the product in mild detergent for some time.

For the next level, use a solution of two parts water and one part vinegar on the affected area.

Use the help of a spray bottle for applying this solution. Repeat the procedure more than once to get a clean result.

Moreover, for commercial or residential usages, you can try out the latest products and services, available from leading online stores.

Services that offer best house cleaning always have professional cleaners, who are just a phone call away. Their reliable services can be availed within very cost-effective ranges and are quick.

Major homemade solutions to be followed

For washing off any pet stain from apparel or carpets, you might use your normal powerful washing powders.

For a better result, just create a mixture of half cup borax solution, on cup Naptha soap in a graded manner and half cup washing soda solution.

You can also mix half a cup of vinegar and one-fourth rubbing alcohol for creating disinfect in order to clean your pet stain.

You can then spray this solution with the help of a spray bottle, judiciously on the stained area.

You can get everything from any stationary store. Use either one or two tablespoons of this mixture and wash your required product in the washing machine, for a new look.