CityPrepRadio launches Match the Prep Campaign to Encourage Sports Broadcasting

CityPrepRadio is a unique online sports broadcast channel that is focused towards delivering exclusive news and updates related to sports. The team is focused towards helping school students and budding sports club in town who wish to stay updated regarding incidents in the sports industry.


Recently, they came up with a special announcement about their new campaign “Match the Preps”. The campaign launched by CityPrepRadio is focused towards letting high school students stay updated through their online radio broadcasting platform.

With the help of this campaign, students also gain chance to broadcast news regarding sports events held in their schools. Also, the campaign opens door to many youngsters who dream to become sports broadcasting expert in their life.

Dakarai Box, founder of CityPrepRadio believes that with the help of live sports broadcast many hardworking and passionate athlete lovers have gained attention from community members. This will in turn help these candidates grow and develop their talent for a particular sport effectively. Also they have recently roped in Daniel Graham, the former NFL Top Tight End so as to endorse their campaign.

CityPrepRadio is also planning to enter into partnership with leading schools and colleges in town so as to make their services available to larger community of students. With the help of online radio broadcasting forum students gain a better chance to understand about sports and also grow their interest towards turning to be a better broadcaster in future. Log in to their website to gain a better understanding about “Match the Preps” campaign.