Cisco SFP GLC LH SMD is a transceiver module that helps you with gigabit Ethernet transmission signals. It is pluggable with a compact design that can be used for better quality signal transmission.

The compact design makes it easy to use and is equipped with swappable input/output device plugs that make transmission effectively. The pluggable slots can be linked to the port effectively either with the help of single mode or optical fiber mode. 

Major benefits of using Cisco SFP GLC LH SMD

The ultimate benefit of having this kind of gigabit Ethernet transmission signals are for large organizations and those companies that makes use of optical fiber cables for Ethernet transmission.

The Cisco transceiver can be used in combination with your existing fiber optic cables and be equipped to provide better networking capabilities with your current LAN network. The Cisco transceiver works best with fiber optic cables than copper cabling. 

Hence, if you wish to switch from your current network connection for better supply and network usage, then it is firstly important for you to change your networking cables to fiber optic than traditional copper cables. 
The Cisco SFP GLC-LH-SMD is compatible with large number of network switches, routers and other server interfaces and helps in easy and complete transmission of signals.

Major capabilities of Cisco SFP GLC LH SMD

This transceiver works on single mode fiber link and can span for more than 10km space. In case of multi mode transceiver, the fiber link cables can span up to 550m. While using multi mode option, the fiber cable can be coupled with transmitter cable or patch cable for better transmission.

Now when it comes to technical support required in installation of Cisco Ethernet transceiver in your organization, the company customer support is at your service. Their trained networking experts shall visit your place and help you with complete installation and post technical support also.

How to obtain this product?

Get in touch with authorized service provider of Cisco Ethernet transceiver and obtain the switch model. Once the device is purchased, the service provider will help you with installation process.