CINEMOOD: Advanced handheld version of typical kids projector

This is a Mini cinema projector for families and kids, measuring 3.15” x 3.15” with rounded edges. This portable projector is capable to display a 50-inch HD picture at home and outdoor environment like parties, airplane or a fun family night. It features good image quality for such a scalable projector and has considerable durability. It is equipped with swappable rubber cover that gives a kid friendly appearance to the device.

CINEMOOD has been developed for learning purpose with education and entertainment packed in one single unit. It is preloaded with relevant materials and additional content is distributed digitally or through the cloud. It has multiple media compatibility that includes MP4, avi video files, MP3, PDF files and JPEG and PNG photos.

User content can be downloaded to the gadget’s latest version through USB. An android app is also in the works to provide enhanced functionality by means of remote control features.

CINEMOOD has accomplished a partnership with ToonBox, the animation studio and are looking for the same with several companies for current or original programs. They are going to launch their latest version via an Indiegogo campaign, in March and are expected to embrace extensive parental controls and services.

With this portable family friendly projector, you are guaranteed to experience and enjoy the joys of movies and edutainment on a big screen. You will be keeping your kids engaged, especially when on the go, like in airplane, car or outdoor parties.