Choosing Something Common & Traditional

We used to choose very latest and up to date things in order to decorate our houses. Though these things aren’t always fits in the right category and mostly doesn’t fulfill the requirements which we have designed or planned earlier.

Here are some common ideas to make use of common and traditional things that can bring light, colors and the most important life to our homes for which we used to make efforts to decorate.

home decor

Combine well

For an eclectic style, it’s important that all elements are we-edited. Believe it or not, no matter how random the eclectic thing may appear, having fewer pieces that are well placed together and that are making a big statement is more important than having many “in your face” peaces.

So, don’t be afraid to mix looks in accessories. Emphasize lines for the sake of the look not to just fill the space. Put modern beside rustic.

Encourage contrasts

When decorating your space, don’t be just a little off – be totally different in time period, style or feel. For instance, combine pieces with contemporary ones for an interesting contrast. Place a heavily carved cabined next to a modern, contemporary Venetian mirror or a lamp.

Use a central table for your living room to be in modern lines (maybe even a glass one) while you’d go with rustic chairs and table accessorize that are also rustic. If your dominant room color is, say, green (see section 3) have a table mat in that color. It should make for an interesting combination!

Blinds inside sealed units now also come in many different colors and contrasts that matches the style and theme of the room and the present decoration. Mostly it used for the purpose of style but it is also very useful for places where scorching sunlight heats up the space. In such scenario, blinds help in reducing the intensity of sunlight and help the room to keep its temperature low.

Build bridges

You simply need a transition fabric, no matter which style you are adopting. Leather, for instance, works great with every style. There’s nothing wrong with leather and lace elements, for instance. If you have leather sofa, pillows with lace elements will work their way in just fine and will make for an amazing contrast.

Pairing up soft and hard is one of the biggest trends in the world and it’s evident in interior decorating, too!