Choosing Hosting Servers: Mistakes to Avoid

Wrong hosting servers can have a significant negative impact on your revenue stream and on your website. Imagine you are an e-commerce website and your dedicated server goes down. That means no purchases, and that means no income, and that means no return of investment.

To avoid these kinds of problems in the future, here are some mistakes you should avoid when choosing hosting servers.

1.) Not Doing a Hosting Servers Online Audit

Look, the online world is a large space and there are basically comprehensive reviews for everything, even for such things as hosting servers. Once you find a server that seems interesting, whose features fits your needs, whose costs comply with what’s in your wallet, it’s time to login online and see what people are saying.

Go to social media sites, review blogs and forums. Find the product and try to answer these questions: Is the server reliable? Do the promises hold up? Are the features all there? Is it worth the investment? How has been your experience so far? Has it crashed? Does customer service offer support? And does it work for your business? The sooner you answer the questions, the more certainty you’ll get before you proceed with the purchase.

2.) Not Paying Attention to a Server’s Restrictions

There are a lot of limitations that’s typically not addressed by sales ads and product pushes. They’re in the websites, but they’re mostly ignored. This is also true for a lot of hosting servers. It is pivotal that every single restriction must be read, taken into consideration and recorded. Who knows? The dedicated servers might not even fit your domain, your system, your services or the overall design, structure and concept behind your website.

During this scenario, look at the RAM capacity, storage space and, most importantly, the bandwidth. Also be on the lookout for dedicated servers that doesn’t allow multiple POP accounts, SSH and no options to gather and track data. These are important factors that will affect the performance of your website so don’t forget about it.

3.) Not Taking Advantage of Trial Periods

Most hosting servers right now offer a free trial period of 15 to 90 days. A huge mistake that’s being done right now is that most users are not taking full advantage of this great freebie. Maximize the trial period. Empty the 30, 60 or 90 days. Explore every nook and cranny of the server. Do tests. See what it can do. Analyze its every component. After the demo period, decide if it is the best and most optimal option for you.

4.) Going with a Startup

Startups are the future of the tech industry. But they’re fairly new and inexperienced. When it comes to important matters like your website’s servers, it is smarter to go with the big guys, the trusted ones, the companies that have a proven and tested track record. So, if you are looking for reliable dedicated servers, is one of the places to go.

5.) Not Trying Customer Support

The customer service team of your servers can spell life and death for your website. Try them out before making a final decision. Ask them hard questions. See if they are willing to help. Test their reliability. We’re pretty certain you won’t regret it.

Avoid these mistakes when choosing hosting servers and you can be assured of a reliable service.