Chimney Repair How to Keep your Chimney in Good Condition

Signs of damage such as cracks in a chimney can rapidly worsen and should be fixed as soon as possible. Proper chimney maintenance is crucial for keeping the chimney in good condition for a long time. Combustion residue builds up within the chimney liner, which creates a fire hazard. The continual build up of residue is flammable, causes cracks in the liner and can easily transfer heat to combustible items around the home.


Chimney Maintenance

  • Dirty chimneys are among the leading causes of fires every year. This is why it is important to ensure that your chimney is regularly inspected before it is cleaned. The ideal time to have your chimney cleaned and repaired is before or after heating seasons. This provides adequate time for repairs before you need to use your chimney for heating.
  • Professional chimney services, commonly referred to as chimney sweep, are available to clean your chimney and look for signs of damage. They use different types of equipment to make sure that they can get a clear view of the chimney and provide the homeowner with a detailed report regarding the condition of the chimney.
  • The firebox should be inspected to find out whether any of the ¬†bricks is damaged, out of place or falling apart. The damper needs to be completely opened to ensure that its movement is not obstructed. Adequate lighting is required to inspect the damper for damage. If a damper is rusted or broken, it needs to be replaced immediately by a professional.
  • Debris that interferes with the flow of air should be removed. Vertical cracks in flue liners indicate that they have been exposed to fire and this should be addressed urgently. Thick deposits of creosote also need to be removed from liners, fireboxes, dampers and smoke chambers because this can cause fires. Read about Chimney Genie Long Island.

Importance of Chimney Inspections and Repairs

  • Chimney repair is an important aspect of home improvement and includes various services that range from installing chimney caps to replacing liners. The chimney sweep is responsible for making sure that your chimney is clean and this keeps your system safe during heating.
  • Even a minimal build up of creosote increases the possibility of chimney fires because the substance is highly flammable. Creosote is likely to accumulate faster if your burning appliances do not function optimally. The amount of creosote also depends on the type of wood that is burned.
  • Failure to remove the creosote minimizes the fireplace draw and overall efficiency. Homeowners are advises to schedule annual chimney inspections to ensure that al the systems are in working condition an functioning as required.
  • Along with annual inspections, chimney cleaning is essential if the fireplace is used regularly. Any connected venting system should also be cleaned regularly to enhance the safety of the system. All heating appliances are in the home should be well maintained.


Neglecting your chimney can result in undiscovered problems that require costly repairs or cause chimney fires. Even if you do not use your fireplace regularly, it still needs to be inspected on an annual basis. An inspection makes it possible to discover damage or defects that need to be fixed and determines whether or not the venting systems need to be cleaned.


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