What Types of Chews Are Safe for Dogs?

If you have a dog, then possibly you are aware that dogs require continuous action. Some dog treats, chews and bones are majorly made to keep your pet stimulated, busy and for jaw exercising.

They are also helpful for the pups who are teething and those who are hyper chewers. Below here is a list of chews that are safe for dogs.

Chews for Dogs


Deer antlers are usually found at all pet supply stores. They have no smell and last long. They are considered secure for your pets.

Real animal bones

People like to give real animal bones to their dogs. They can be ribs, femur, marrow bones, etc. Real animal bones are rich source of mineral, protein, and fats.

Rib bones are softer and good for smaller dogs. It is important to match the size of the chew with your dog to avoid an uncomfortable situation. Don’t go for chicken bones as they may splinter and cause injuries in your dog’s mouth.


Bully sticks are a great chew option for your dogs as they are easily digestible and safe. They are rich in protein and low in carb and fat. They also help in keeping your dog’s teeth clean.

Nylon and plastic bones

Plastic bones are popular and can be purchased from all pet supply stores. They are recommended for light chewers. They are teamed with meat to make them exciting for your dogs.

Rubber chews

Rubber chews are long-lasting. But you should choose the right size for your dog. A large dog can easily swallow a size made for small dogs.

Dental chews

Dental chews are safe and enjoyed by dogs. They are recommended for growing puppies to give their teeth a good formation.

Yak chew

They are hard cheese made from yak’s milk. They are softer and fully digestible. They don’t stink and are long-lasting. However, you should check with your vet once before giving it to your dog.

Pig ears

It has a high-fat content. They are greasy and make your dog smell pathetic. They aren’t for dogs that are overweight. Hence, you shouldn’t give them to your pet without consulting your vet.


Rawhide are the most affordable and recommended chew for your dog. It is bleached, dehydrated and then painted. Artificial flavoring is done and then rolled and glued to present to your dogs as chews.

Bamboo chews

The bamboo chews for dogs are rich in fiber and softer. They are highly long-lasting and available in different flavors to delight your dog. They are safe for your furry friend and will definitely add to your chewing potential.

So, these are some of the slightly to most digestible chews available for your dog. No matter what chew you pick to make sure you consult once with your pet, depending on the age and health of your dog.

This will add to your dog’s health quality and life. So, don’t go after saving a few bucks. Just get the chew which is feasible for your dog.